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Over the past twelve years we at De Feo’s have prided ourselves on delivering top notch maintenance and repairs at realistic prices. Since our modest beginnings in a business incubator located in a warehouse owned by the Hamilton Harbour Commissioners we stayed true to our beliefs that we would not try to be everything to everyone.

Please take a few minutes to find out more about us on the following pages and remember... we are a family run and owned business so you can feel comfortable bringing your family to ours. Your satisfaction is our First priority.


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Fully Equipped Emission Facility

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VERSA STACKER - Increase Your Trucks Capacity
Versa StackerVersa StackerVersa Stacker Increase Truck Capacity

The VERSA-STACKER is designed to double a truck’s loading capacity when using stackable portable containers. The Versa-Stacker not only increases your load capacity per vehicle but also reduces the number of trips to a depot to unload by half. Therefore, it increases route productivity and reduces overall pick-up costs per unit.

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